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Network diagram

IGP diagram

BGP diagram

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Lab file

This lab is using dynamips. Please follow the instructions found here about how to use the lab file.

Lab file

The trouble tickets:

The competition terms are not listed here. You can find them on CCIE Flyer and the attached files there.

Lab rules:
  • Configuration of static routes are NOT allowed
  • Configuration of default routes are NOT allowed
  • Adding and/or removing interfaces are NOT allowed
  • You are NOT allowed to change IP addresses
  • DO NOT look for BB4, its emulated by BB1
  • Do not use your keyboard to type any commands (Just kidding)

Lab Setup:
  • Load the initial configuration onto the routers from the initial­config directory
  • The “.NET” file is provided; please change the IOS to reflect yours.
  • Reload R5 after loading the initial config file
  • If you are new to dynamips/dynagen then have a look at the video tutorial

Ticket 1
R2 can’t ping R6’s Lo0 interface from it’s Lo0.

Ticket 2
R6 can NOT ping BB1’s Lo0, which is You should fix this problem without changing R6’s routing table.

Ticket 3
R6 can’t ping R2’s F0/0. You should fix this problem using a single interface configuration command. DO NOT use a global config command to resolve this problem.

Ticket 4
R2 can NOT ping R5’s F0/0.

Ticket 5
R5 can NOT ping R4’s Lo0.

Ticket 6
R4 can NOT ping R1’s or R3’s Lo0.

Ticket 7
R6 is configured to join R4 can NOT ping this group address. You should use an interface command on R4 to fix this problem.

Ticket 8
The following routes are sent from BB4 to R1: /32, /32, /32 and /32 R1 is configured with the following policy for routes coming from BB4:
  • R1 should be configured such that R5 does NOT advertise network /32 to R6
  • R1 should filter network /32 However, R5 does NOT see network /32 and network /32 that should have come from BB4.

Ticket 9
R6 can NOT ping You should fix this problem without configuring BGP or any redistribution.

Ticket 10
R6 is configured to ONLY allow R2 to Telnet to BB1, R2 can NOT Telnet to BB1. You should fix this problem while keeping the policy.


Send your complete answers to me: danshtr@gmail.com.

The answers should include a short explanation about the cause of the problem, how to fix it and final configs.


For solutions click here.