Ticket #17 - Repubished

I am reposting here Lab 17, which was published on ccieflyer.com. Next ticket, Ticket 18, which will be about MPLS and Security will be published next month on CCIEFlyer.com, then it will be republished here again.

Network diagram

IGP diagram

Lab file

This lab is using dynamips. Please follow the instructions found here about how to use the lab file.

Lab file

The problem:

  • R3 is the DHCP server on V100.
  • R1 was configured to be a backup for the DHCP server on R3. R1 is using object tracking and EEM to do so.
  • However, the solution is not working and even if it was its too slow and unreliable. Fix the problems.
  • Do not use BFD, its not working on dynamips :)

For the solution Click here

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