Book list

From time to time I get asked about reading lists and books related to CCIE R&S. It is time I’ll place the list online, so with no farther delays and in the order of importance:

  1. Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1 (2nd Edition) - By far, the most important book you must read. First skim through it. Then re-read it. Yes, RE-READ-IT. But now, make sure you understand every paragraph. The only exception are the state machine diagrams.
  2. Routing TCP/IP, Volume II - No surprise here... The EGP section can be skimmed through.
  3. Developing IP Multicast Networks, Volume I - The one and only good book about multicast. You can skim through DVMRP
  4. Optimal Routing Design - Consolidate your IGP/BGP knowledge.
  5. Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols - You know what i think about troubleshooting...
  6. QoS for IP/MPLS Networks - Just read the QOS part. The best QOS book out there!
  7. Cisco LAN Switching - Very dated, but most of it still true!
  8. MPLS and VPN Architectures - It sounds dated, but nothing has changed. Understand this, and you are the king of MPLS for the RS lab.
  9. Configuration Guide - Both for 3560 and IOS 12.4T. For each topic, before doing a technology lab, read the relevant chapter(s) from the configuration guide.

That is it.

And remember, if you are using Private VLANs or plan to, make sure you visit my Private VLAN appliance site. You do not want to miss it.

Marathon Networks' PVTD

In the last year I was very busy.

I have seen many broken Private VLAN networks, and decided to find a way to fix them.

So in the last year I have developed a network appliance called PVTD, which solves many of the Private VLAN problems.

You can read all bout it at