CCIE Flyer and the TS workbook

My beloved CCIE troubleshooting workbook was mentioned on the very interesting interview with Narbik on the CCIE Flyer. Read it here.


Just finished our Troubleshooting labs, I partnered with a VERY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE CALLED Dan Shechter, what a gentleman, a Triple CCIE with unbelievable amount of knowledge. Together we wrote 10 Trouble Shooting Mock labs. We thought that each lab was going to take 5.5 hours to complete but they will take 8 hours each. But man O man, these labs are really GR8. They cover all aspect of CCIE R&S, and ALSO the NEW, YES the NEW “CCIE 2.0 Protocol specific Mock labs” hahahaha, these labs are really tough, I should put a warning and a disclaimer on the bottom of each page, guaranteed to frustrate the best of us.