Marathon Networks' PVTD

In the last year I was very busy.

I have seen many broken Private VLAN networks, and decided to find a way to fix them.

So in the last year I have developed a network appliance called PVTD, which solves many of the Private VLAN problems.

You can read all bout it at


The marathon was really a hard one. 800 meters of total accent (2600ft). But, it was worth it! What a great scenery, it was more a tour then a marathon ;)

Now back to R&S/CCIE stuff. I’ll am working on some new entries to the blog. Stay tuned!

3 weeks to go

I know it is a little slow here in this blog. There is a reason! I am busy. The marathon is 3 weeks from now, so in the past few months I was very busy training.

I have lots of ideas for new mini labs and some other stuff. Stay tuned...

Happy new year!

I wish you all happy new year.

Lately I was busy authoring R&S MOC labs, so I didn’t have time to post here. I am about to finish. Stay tuned for more TS mini labs.

Demo lab is ready!

Finally, the troubleshooting workbook demo lab is out!

I am so happy to see that finally, the demo lab is released. You can find it here. I hope sure you will enjoy it.

Please contact me,, for initial configurations for dynamips and other topologies.

Tomorrow I’ll publish a new Ticket, here on this blog. You will have fun with it....


Welcome to my blog.