Download a free complete lab, TS lab #3, from the troubleshooting workbook here

This troubleshooting workbook is specially prepared for CCIE candidates in order to practice their troubleshooting skills.

The  workbook was authored by me,
Dan Shechter, and by Narbik Kocherian.

The workbook contains 10 five hours trouble shooting labs, each lab with 15 unique,
non repeating, trouble tickets which cover the entire current v4.0 blueprint. In each lab there is also one extra "fun" task to tease your mind!

The purpose of the TS workbook is not only to prepare for the TS section of the lab, but also to teach students about the many obscure ways to configure the network, by asking the students to fix a problem in a specific challenging way.

Notice: This workbook is for advanced CCIE candidates. I recommend that you should start your training with a technology workbook, such as Narbik’s
Advanced Routing and Switching 4.0. After you have mastered the technology and IOS, begin practicing troubleshooting.

The workbook can be purchased

You can get initial configuration for different topologies, including dynamips (GNS3). Send an email to for the dynamips(GNS3) initial configs and .net files.

For any further questions, please contact me,